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Current Year Weather Records

All Data Collected Since January 1st 2018

Temperature Records

Highest Temperature 95.4°F 7/15/2018
Lowest Temperature 21.7°F 2/23/2018
Highest Heat Index 98.1°F 7/29/
Lowest Wind Chill 21.7°F 2/23/2018
Warmest Day (6am - 6pm)
Warmest Night (6pm - 6am)
Coldest Day (6am - 6pm)
Coldest Night (6pm - 6am)

Wind Records

Highest Wind Gust 22.0 mph 2/17/2018
Highest Average Speed 11.6 mph 2/17/2018
Highest Daily Wind Run miles //

Precipitation Records

Highest Daily Precipitation 0.88 in //
Highest Monthly Precipitation in /
Highest Precipitation Rate in/min //
Consecutive Days With Precipitation Last day of Streak: /
Consecutive Days Without Precipitation Last day of Streak: /

Humidity Records

Highest Dewpoint 70.5°F 7/29/
Lowest Dewpoint 19.8°F 2/23/
Highest Humidity 98% 1/8/
Lowest Humidity 18% 4/24/

Barometer Records

Highest Pressure 1034.6 mb 2/23/2018
Lowest Pressure 995.9 mb 4/7/2018